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SIGN UPRegister with our program to obtain your unique referral link.
We use "Rewardful" manage the collaboration between you and us.

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EARN 25% COMMISSIONEarn a 25% commission from every successful referral made.
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Here is a breakdown of the rules for our affiliate program. We prioritize transparency to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved.

• Please note that self-referrals are prohibited; this means refraining from registering for AI SuitUp via your own affiliate link.

• Upholding fairness and integrity is of utmost importance. Engaging in abusive, deceptive, or manipulative practices (such as disseminating fabricated discounts on coupon-sharing platforms) will result in a permanent suspension of your account.

• We kindly request that you abstain from employing search engine advertisements, particularly those centered around branded terms or domain names. Additionally, refrain from utilizing Facebook ads or any other promotional content that could potentially clash with our marketing endeavors and lead to customer confusion.

• Impersonating AI SuitUp, whether as an employee or representative, is prohibited.

• Please acknowledge that we retain the right to revise the Terms of Service for our affiliate program as needed.

• Minimum Payout threshold is set at 25 USD.

• Payouts are scheduled on Mondays every two weeks, with a waiting period of at least 30 days after purchase to accommodate potential refunds.
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